Budokon, (bu) warrior (do) way (kon) spirit,

abbreviated BDK, is an all embracing hybrid martial art system created by the philosophy of mixed movement artist Cameron Shayne, who founded the system in 2001. BDK is taught as a “non-classical” style suggesting that BDK is built from traditional Japanese Karate-Do, Korean Taekwondo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, yet without attachment any specific style. Unlike more traditional martial arts, Budokon has no fixed striking style and is focused on self defence application. As well as being a combat system it is a philosophy with guiding universal principles, specifically that all mental activity (beliefs, thoughts, consciousness) is subjective and temporary.

It was named for the indomitable warrior spirit that one must posses in order to both effect change and make peace with the unchangeable. Budokon practitioners combine yoga for flexibility and mental focus, calisthenics for strength, and animal locomotion for mobility with striking and grappling techniques. The system works by using different “tools” for different situations, where the situations are divided into ranges, from longest to shortest, kicking, punching, clenching, throwing, grappling and weapons.

BDK has a 6 belt system (white, red, blue, purple, brown, black) in which students progress by learning and creating unique movement patterns (forms, kata) drawing from striking, grappling, yoga, animal locomotion and calisthenics. As students advance they are tested in both fighting and weapon proficiency, as well as character development. A Budokon black belt is a highly skilled and intelligent mixed movement artist capable of using there mind and body for peace or war.

 Budokon classes are Friday mornings @ 7am